Heather Burke-Huyghue,

 Master Numerologist, Transformational Life Coach, and Psychic Medium.


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mini-report or session.

Let Heather show you the life you were born to live and guide you to finding your true life purpose. 

Here is what she can do for you:

  • Assist you in discovering your "true calling"
  • Help you uncover core issues, inborn talents, and special needs related to your life path, including areas of health, money, spirituality, and love
  • Support you in finding a livelihood consistent with your innate drives and abilities
  • Uncover the hidden purpose of your most intimate relationships
  • Show you how to live in harmony with the cycles of your life
  • Provide the key to spiritual and universal laws and an indepth understanding of your past, clarification of your present, and empowerment for your future
  • Guide you into soul transformation in order to teach you how to deal with everyday stresses, challenges, and negative forces
  • Reprogram your brain and enable you to     change your thoughts at a subconscious level; thereby taking control of your mind and eliminating the fears and negative barriers that were preventing you from success at every level.






About Heather

With over 30 years experience in metaphysics, Heather Burke-Huyghue is highly recommended for all your spiritual needs.  As a Master Numerologist, Transformational Life Coach specializing in MIND/BODY/SPIRIT connection, Heather is more than qualified to assist you in revealing your true life purpose and steering you on the path of self fulfillment.  This includes assisting you with relationship issues, major pinnacles, addictions, fears and phobias, money problems, career advice, future predictions,  chronic health problems, chakra cleansing and balancing - (energy healing), past life regression, and personal /professional LIFE MASTERY.

Heather uses a blend of esoteric, holistic, and medical science in her healing work.  The results are an indepth, detailed process which will result in positive changes in every aspect.

Heather combines modern technology, esoteric healing energy, the recently discovered science of quantum physics, and medical science in her healing center.  She also applies her education, professional training, Divine intervention and her God-given psychic gifts to address every aspect of your confidential session. 

This may include:  Numerology, Divine Pendulum, Crystal Ball Skrying, Clairvoyance, Channelling,Tarot, Akashic Records, Chakra/Energy Healing and Brain Entrainment.  Each private session is individualized and unique - based on your needs.  The results are amazing and guaranteed to provide an indepth session that will enable you to lay out a road map for your entire life and especially your future!

 "Such a complex combination of skills provide an enlightening and holistic service that will prove life changing in many ways."  Whatever your needs are, Heather can help you achieve them.  Heather is a licensed affiliate of Porter Vision ZENFRAMES, which offers CVR (creative visualization & relaxation.   Porter Vision offers you over 400 different programs to assist you in LIFE MASTERY at every level - Mind, Body & Spirit!  It covers such topics as:  Heart Healthy Life, Stress Free Lifestyle, Stress Reduction, Vibrant Health, Life Mastery, Meditations for Survivors, Well Being for Survivors, Weight Management, Smoking Cessation, Freedom from Addictions, Pain-free Lifestyle, Stress-free Dentistry, Insomnia Solutions, Mind over Menopause, Coping with Cancer, Stress-free Childbirth, CVR Medical Series, Accelerated Learning, Sales Mastery, Wealth Consciousness, Mental Coaching for Golf, Sports Zone, Blue Sky Series, and Dating Success.  These programs work at your sub-conscious level and can assist other programs in becoming more successful.

Please contact Heather to book a free consultation.

  Serious enquiries only please - 18+

Heather's  Commitment To You:

"Rest assure your personal matters will be handled with professionalism, integrity, and the utmost discretion. The end result will be accurate advice, therapeutic healing and affirmative guidance - with clear direction and life enhancing intention.     The experience will transform your mind, body and soul."


"My reading was so accurate it made the hair stand up on my arms!" She was 98% "on the money" and that was mind blowing because she knew things about me that no one else knew.  Heather made me a believer!" -- Melvin Boley, Nanaimo, BC


"All my life I was plagued with an overwhelming fear of water.  I had recurring nightmares and I was unable to step foot in a lake, ocean or river without having a full-blown panic attack.  After just 4 private hypnosis sessions at Heather's Wellness Clinic, "SOULQUEST SOLUTIONS",  I was able to uncover the source of my phobia and was able to overcome the affliction altogether and live a perfectly normal life - free from anxiety while in or near water!  I am eternally grateful and highly recommend Heather if you are suffering from any type of fear or phobia.  I am living proof it works!"  --Sally Mahoney, Halifax, NS


"Since my personal session with Heather, my marriage has improved  150% and my interpersonal relationships have also.  I utilized the wisdom and advice and enrolled in a relationship program and have become successful in every aspect of my life!  Who would have known it was that easy."  --  Tony Doherty, Toronto, ON


Heather prides herself in the fact she has helped  numerous individuals and couples overcome their life challenges and come to a clear, concise, understanding of their life purpose and its meaning.   Heather has reconnected long lost loves.  She has helped individuals overcome their addictions, phobias and anger issues.  She has also assisted people in understanding the "Law of Attraction" and how to manifest miracles in their lives.  She has also helped people control their chronic illnesses and regain their physical, as well as emotional and spiritual health. 

Heather is on a Divine mission.  She has a calling and she truly wants to help you become the best you can possibly be.  It starts with your committment to yourself and this must be combined with a true desire, deep faith, and complete willingness to let go of all past misconceptions, idealogies, and fears. 


"Without knowledge, truth and spiritual awareness, you are living a life without meaning, purpose or direction."  Heather Burke-Huyghue, Founder, CEO, SOULQUEST SOLUTIONS Life Coaching














"You are entitled to experience the authentication of your soul!"


Aspire for Greatness!

 "Use the energy within YOU

to propel your life into motion!"

Make a wise investment in yourself today ~

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It's YOUR life ~



Your Transformational Life Coach, Heather Burke-Huyghue


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